brand building
made simple

who we are

The Rainy Group is a boutique consulting firm focused on organizations
expanding their reach into the global marketplace.

core values

be relevant

create effective content that drives conversation

be consistent

perpetuate a unified experience through all touch points

be better

establish a data footprint to audit and improve your brand

our services

360° Brand Assessment

this low-touch tool is designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses. identify the key gaps and strengths...all within a week!

90-Day Brand Sprint

accelerate success with this hyper focused plan. this is NOT a 'canned' solution. we modify our proven methodologies based on your specific brand & business needs.

Coral IQ™

our new baby!: Coral IQ is in the business of connecting corporations with startups to accelerate global growth -think “” for B2B business.

Foreign Market Brand Strategy

strategy development to increase your brand's overall awareness, equity, conversion and sustainability in new markets.

Global Retail & Business Development

international market specific knowledge and experience to position your brand for global growth.


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