3 Key Truths About Your Brand

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3 Key Truths About Your Brand

Even after 20 years, BRAND is still considered an elusive concept. How to quantify brand is even more evasive.

There are a handful of brilliant agencies who have created brand metrics to work within a closed system for those companies wealthy enough to afford their services. Others have created a custom set of KPI’s that they will, eventually, attribute to brand equity. The truth of the matter is, there is no one set way to measure your brand impact, potential or success. So, which method is right for your brand?

I recently collaborated with the leadership at Perks Consulting around the topic of brand performance. While articulating the idea, I said, “Think of your brand as a fingerprint that has the ability to evolve over time. Brand performance is unique to your brand and company goals AND it must develop in ways that are complimentary to your consumer.”

That means, before choosing metrics to measure brand performance, it is important for every brand owner to be intimately familiar with 3 key truths about your brand:

1. Why you started.
2. Where you are NOW.
3. Where you are willing to go.

My following posts will outline actionable details on how knowing these truths will benefit your brand’s creation, growth and sustainability.

Stay tuned…

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